Uncertainty is certain

I have found myself feeling uneasy about the incredible changes society is facing and they only thing that seems certain is uncertainty. SBA loans, politics, grants, PPP, quarantine... none of it is easy to understand. For myself, getting through each day requires knowing what I can control.

For example:

- The message I put out into the world is in my control, to make it positive or negative is a choice.

- Capturing details. Transactions are still taking place. They may do so differently than a few month past but I can still record and track their impact.

- Personal health and hygiene is still up to me no matter what is going on. Taking time to focus on myself for a much needed mental break keeps a smile on my face and coffee in my cup.

- Expressing gratitude even when it is difficult puts things in perspective.

- Making an effort to have patience. We all are going through this together for sure! #inthistogether

Much love!

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