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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

It is important to provide information that makes working with me valuable. That is why I am excited to report that my clients have received over $150,000 in SBA funding and other grant awards while working with me.

The value of using my services comes in many forms. I can clean up messy transactions that allow for accurate and useful reports. These reports can be easily shared with institutions when it is time to grow your business, or in these times sustain it with grants or loans.

I have helped businesses find ways to "trim the fat", saving thousands of dollars.

I particularly like working with new business owners, helping them find success and satisfaction as I have! I like to build a relationship with you that gives you a sense of security through support and encouragement. I recognize being a business owner comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility and pressure.

I take pride in helping out, giving you more free time and confidence to succeed.

As of the first of July, the President passed an extension on the SBA PPP (Payroll Protection Program) allowing lenders to continue to except more applications. This program helps small businesses, sole-proprietors, and contractors alike.

Give me a call to find out how to apply, what the forgiveness requirements are, and what terms the loans have. There is most definitely a bank near you who is willing and able to help.

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