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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions for Bookkeeping

We hope to answer any questions you may have about our plans or a plan you have purchased. If you need immediate assistance with any service you can email

Q: Where do I go to purchase a plan?

A: Follow this link to get all the details of our plans.

Q: What accounting software do you use?

A: We use QuickBooks Online and have our Certified Proadvisor Certification.

Q: What information do I need to provide for bookkeeping services?

A:  You will need to provide monthly bank and credit card statements or read-only access through your bank's website. In some cases, we will also need the prior year's tax return. Best practices to audit-proof your books include receipts of transactions including cash transactions. The more you provide the better we shore up your accounts for the taxman.

Q: I don't know what plan to purchase, what should I do?

A: This is a common question and we are here to help simply email us, and we will figure it out together.

Q: What happens if I need a different plan or I need to cancel?

A: You just simply send us an email so we can meet your needs. You can cancel at any time. We work hard to keep our clients happy so there is never a contract.

Q: What do I do once I have purchased a plan?

A: You will receive an email walking you through step-by-step on what to do next AND a link to schedule an on-board call with you're bookkeeper. In a hurry? You can log-in to your QuickBooks Online Account. Go to the GEAR icon in the top right corner of your browser window, then click MANAGE USERS. You will need to select ACCOUNTANTS then INVITE ACCOUNTANT using This sends us a direct link to start doing your bookkeeping right away!

Q: How long does my plan last?

A: You can count on us for continued support year after year. Our plans renew monthly for an indefinite amount of time.

Q: Where do I find your terms and conditions?

A: You can find our terms and conditions HERE.

Q: Can I contact you via phone?

A: Absolutely, the office phone number is (330) 474-9984. If you need to leave a message include your name, your business name, and brief reason why you have called. We always return calls as quickly as possible, you will never wait days to hear back from us.

Q: Where do I access the secure document site?

A: The site is for monthly plan subscribers. When you purchase a plan you will gain access to this site. You will get more information during onboarding. If you are already a plan user please reach out to us at and we can resend the link.

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